As my first official post on my blog, I thought I’d tell you about the tree in my gutter. It was just a flutter of greenery sprouting there. I had no idea it was going to land me here, with the entire contents of my house crammed into two rooms plus the garage and my desk stuffed into the corner of the living room next to the TV and in front of the recliner…as “home improvement” projects go on. And on.

I spotted the intruder about a year ago while walking around my house, and I remember thinking that this may not be a good thing. Nevertheless, months passed before I noticed it again. By then the greenery had morphed into its true shape, a seedling. Of a tree. In my gutter!

I ripped it out by the roots.

With it came a clump of dirt, a rich, loamy mixture that had totally stopped up the gutter. Armed with a ladder, a bucket and a hand shovel, I set out to clear the obstruction… Which is when I discovered that the wood said gutter was attached to (or not so attached at this point) was, to put it mildly, on the soft side. But, hey, it was only a small section on the side of the porch roof. Let’s call a carpenter…

The carpenters (multiple) lived on our porch for over a week and replaced the entire side of the porch roof (all 30 feet of it) as well as the posts which were holding the whole thing up by the grace of the wood-structure gods alone. In fact, they felt that we should consider a whole new roof. Very soon. Like now.

“Now” turned into three months later, but once it was up there, it looked wonderful. So wonderful in fact that the inside of the house looked, well, not so wonderful.

SK Ryder

photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc

And so it began, the great home improvement project of 2013/2014. Like eating your way through a bag of potato chips, it’s impossible to stop at just one. One upgrade leads to another and another and yet another. It’s an alarming snowball effect that started with new floors and has escalated into new and/or repaired “everything” except the actual walls. (I refuse to move walls, though one has gotten gutted and put back together.) And I’m stopping just short of renovating the 35 year old kitchen.

At least not this year.

Also, I think I’ll clean out my gutters more often.

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