SK Ryder

photo credit: fiddle oak via photopin cc

Frustration: Planning an afternoon outing to the beach to enjoy the last few chapters of a book I just can’t put down…only to discover that Kindle didn’t make it to the beach with me.

Relief: Using the Kindle app on my smart phone to keep reading anyway. Ha! So there!

Shock and horror: Seeing my dumb phone quickly run out of battery power and die completely in a sad little doodle at 96% of the book.

Self-discipline: To not run right away to my car, start the engine, plug in the car charger for the idiot phone and keep reading right there in the parking lot.

Delight: Curling up with the Kindle on my sofa that night to relish the last mind-blowing bit of this book

The book that drove me bonkers? That would be Written in Blood by Anne Bishop. No one does Urban Fantasy better. No one. (With apologies to friends who are also very capable UF authors.)

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