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My Debt to Vampires

Guest Post on Delilah Devlin’s Blog I owe vampires big. Without them, I may well not be writing anymore. Though I have told stories from an early age in some form or other, by the time I graduated college and suffered my first rejection by a publisher, I was pretty much done. There were business trips and work projects and real-world relationships that filled up my time. And after two years of graduate degree work in technology, I was certain that every creative synapse in my brain had been fried for good. Enter vampires.
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Traveling in Time

Traveling In Time Our last day in the Grand Canyon dawns gray and thick with the promise of rain. One last time we enjoy breakfast in the wild and break camp. Soon after we push off, the storm that has hovered all night starts up with mighty gusts of wind rippling across the now-muddy river. Something upstream has clearly “flashed” or flash-flooded.
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