About S.K. Ryder

S.K. Ryder was born in the mayhem of New York City and raised in the vineyards of Germany before getting turned lose on the beaches of South Florida. She speaks German, English, very little Spanish and even less French, and claims citizenship in both the US and Canada. From an early age, her parents indoctrinated her with their wanderlust and passion for learning. From her mother especially, she acquired a love of reading and a gift for telling stories, especially if these involved adventures. As a daredevil youngster she decided to live some of her imaginary escapades and set out to re-enact them. Frequently this involved copious amounts of water (to make small seas in yards and basements), ropes (to simulate amusement park rides with furniture), bedsheets (to imitate ghosts or build tent forts), the occasional fire (just because), the family dog (who survived it all unscathed) and even a pony (which may or may not have appreciated its part in the plot). Dolls were never her thing.

Increasing skills with the alphabet inspired S.K. Ryder to confine her tales exclusively to paper, which she did with some regularity even as she earned degrees in business and information systems, and while engaged in a long line of employments, ranging from retail clerk and scuba diving instructor to business analyst and IT department manager. It took years, but she finally settled on software development as an acceptable form of earning a living while letting her imagination run wild in her spare time. What she didn’t expect, but greatly appreciated, was that the skills needed to write programs are remarkably similar to those required to methodically build a captivating story from the ground up (with ample allowances for characters inserting their own subroutines when least expected).

Today S.K. Ryder is a freelance software developer by day, a scribe by night and answers to Susan any time.  She writes the type of stories she loves to read: heart-pounding adventures full of supernatural mysteries and relationships between strong, compelling characters. The great outdoors still inspire her, especially places of wild and scenic beauty. One of her favorite real-life adventures is spending a week rafting through the Grand Canyon. However, she’s not convinced she re-emerged from this experience in the same dimensional plane from which she entered. As she still calls South Florida home, she can also be found communing with the denizens of the deep while scuba diving, coaxing the wind into a sail at the water’s surface or simply combing the beach. Other joys include getting lost in books she didn’t write, doing yoga and baking.

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